Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well when it rains it pours!

    I am humbled! I am so appreciative that people are finding my words inspiring, interesting, and at the very least worth reading. I was given the BEST BLOG AWARD by my friend Dr. T.L. Sanderfer from Marking the Path! Thank you kind sir! I am honored!

    As with these awards, and rightfully so is the protocol of not only receiving the "nod" from your fellow bloggers, but we must also find others to bestow it upon. I admit, I have my favorites and will try to spread the love around so I do not appear to "favoritey". Plus I think it is nice to offer it to someone new and/or unsuspecting.

Below are my choices of blogs to pass the baton onto" Please check out their work. Aside from the given of the writing, creating, developing, and crafting your site in and of itself is a task, not to mention the presentation, marketing of oneself, and idea developement. All to me are winners in some way! Thanks to all who pave the way!

These are not in any order!

Eco Yogini - An ecoholics guide to living yoga! "nuff said! Real good, feel good stuff!

The Evolving Spirit - Sometimes you gotta give a girl the nod twice!

Belly Up to this moment - A fellow writer from Writers Rising I have come to enjoy!

Chronicles of Sharnia - Fun wit, fun words - Give her a look see!

Waves upon the shore - Refreshing, like your first sip of tea or coffee

Journey to Joy - More refreshing reads - just simply nice!

Writers Rising - A great collaboration of writers who aim to uplift and inspire

The Colors Magazine - Another blogger doing their part to improve the blogging world!

The Authentic Blogger - I am a sucker for people who create community in the community

A Clever Whatever - I like that I never know what I am going to get

Now - when this was bestowed upon me, there was no "10 things" list, so I guess your homework is shortened tonight people!

As I always say, I know some people are not into "awards". Some may not respond, or are lucky, yet unlucky to have a couple awaiting the tasks and duties to get them done as well. Either way, whether you respond, fill out the obligations, or let it know, I think you deserve it none-the-less!

Keep on blogging!


Katherine Jenkins said...

Thanks Tony for the blog award for Writers Rising. I will post it on the site. I think everyone there deserves a Thank You including you. Looks like you are presenting several of the Writers Risers with this award. Thank You!

Sharnanigans said...

Thanks Tony! What an honour. love your site

Joan E. Santos said...

Congratulations on your award! I can see why you deserve it. I do hope you can also visit my blog one day. It's not much but I'm starting

Healing Morning said...

From Marty & I, thank you for recognizing the Authentic Blogger community! It really makes us both feel good to know our efforts are recognized and appreciated, sincerely. We both work hard to keep the AB concept strong and true to the Mission Statement of providing a positive community for all bloggers.

It's nice to know we're meeting our own personal bar and that others see the work being done! Thanks and we will come up w/ a combined response very soon.

Thank you as well for the personal nods to each of our blogs.

~ Dawn & Marty

Sai said...

Thank you so much Tony! Such a beautiful note on which to start my day. :-) It's an honor, and thank you for spreading the joy. Your writings are, truly, an inspiration.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Tony I truly appreciate the mention & the award. I've enjoyed your writing since I discovered you a month ago & it fills my heart to know that you enjoy my blog.



schmitz.88 said...

I think that when you see people so excited and inspired by your words. It is rewarding as a writer. It makes you want to work harder and keep writing. There are times when you feel like no one cares about what you write about and that is just plain frustrating at times. So it is good to have people excited about what you have to say. As well as helping someone who need the help. At times you just wanna be like do it yourself but at the end when they smile and say thanks for being there for me all that time of helping them is so worth it.

Eco Yogini said...

Hi Tony!
Thank you so very much for the lovely award!! I'm also very excited to explore your space and those listed here :)


TirzahLaughs said...

Honest, I swear I answered. Where are my posts going?

THank you so much for the blog award. I so appreciate it.

Love the new look.


marcime said...

Hi Tony - thanks for that! It really hit the spot - it was very kind.

I wrote up a post in thanks to you and directed people to go to your site for a morning hit of inspiration and encouragement.

Keep writing as you do Tony, people clearly need to hear what you have to say!


Paula said...

Congrats to the award.


Hi Tony. Congratulations on the award. Also, love the new look of your site - very swish!

Lena said...

Thanks Tony, for the award! I feel really honored :)

And from all blogs I come across yours deserves it a lot! :)

And you changed the blog template? Looking cool!