Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sadness - It Does a Body Good

        I have found that I try to support the weight of the world upon my shoulders. However that may not be good if my footing is not on solid emotional ground. Quicksand perhaps? Therefore my strengths evolve into struggle and strife. I find if I bear the load of others, even if they did not ask me to carry it, I can stack the burden so high that I cannot see where I am supposed to be going.

        Is sadness healthy? I think it can be as if one seeks balance; the pendulum must swing. It must return. To me it just shows where attention to happiness may be in a deficit. Since personal states are often our choice based upon our opinions, I must disregard the opinions of others from time to time; perhaps occasionally I must pay attention to my own. Awareness of this; that’s where the health lies.

        I find hypocrisy in professing to not have emotional dips in the road. As things seem to fall to the ground, it is then that they are exposed and placed before us. That is when the inventory of their value to us can be taken. Do we keep this troubling object or choose to let it go? We can “clean out our closet” and make room for the important stuff.

        As often sadness seeks us most in our solitude, it is then we find an audience of ourselves, shared only with the spiritual force in us and around us. We often disregard our faith like a jacket we wrap ourselves in when it gets too cold, and toss aside when the weather stabilizes. A jacket that is good to always have on hand.

        It is the challenges we face that tempers our soul. These obstacles are what forge our beings to come back stronger as testimony to our resolve. If we fall, we can bounce, and if we bounced once, we can bounce again!

        Peril is often an interpretation of a fearful predicament in which we hold on to the part of us where we feel unsure of ourselves. It is where we choose to not call on our faith. We do not surrender to what is and address the truth, but choose to call out to our inadequacies based on our judgment of our past performance. Every hurdle is a new chance to jump.

        Tears of anger and pain are the shower that washes away the frustration as we try to wonder why God wants to punish us. Although, God does not send the water to watch us drown, he does it to see how well we swim. Are we tested? Most assuredly. Are we hated? I think not! Does God seem to have a sense of humor? It shows in his work.

        I find to be able to celebrate happiness; I must experience the absence of it at times. This separation is often at my hand, but there to remind me that it is my job as restorer. The space I have between where I wish to be, and where I am is slowed only by the weight of the issue I place upon it. Darkness and sorrow I find are painted by my own brushstrokes. I must choose brighter colors from my palette to shift the image from dark to light.

        Sadness can be cleansing, and not consuming. It reminds me of what is worth working for. This separation from what I want, or how I perceive things should be is simply a reminder that I am not in control, and I should limit my expectations. As I find myself at times at the bottom of what I perceive to be the deepest valley, I realize through a simple shift in perspective, I can find myself looking at the beginning of a mountainous ascent!

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Anonymous said...

"Do we keep this troubling object or choose to let it go?"
Yes, the power of choice. Good article.



TirzahLaughs said...

It's all in moderation. Not to feel what you need to feel will build up and make you ill. But you can't let it own you either.

It's finding that balance.


Keeping in touch with yourself is so important. There are many distractions in the world, it can be easy to forget who you are with all that is going on around you. I feel you are very in touch with yourself and self-honest. Which is something I admire.

Lena said...

I actually love sadness. It somehow cleans your thoughts and soul, prepares you for something bigger. It helps to maintain emotional balance.

ALeks said...

Hi,I wanted to write something clever about sadness but Im too sad right now.I'll come back.
Stay safe,in good mood and in peace with yourself,greetings Aleksandra