About the Author

TONY ANDERS was born in Washington Court House, a small town in south-central Ohio, where the city teetered in an economic balance between agriculture and a small handful of large blue collar companies. The rest was reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting depicting happy normal lives.

Through his early upbringing and high school, Tony’s life was molded by the simple lifestyle only a small town can offer. Imagination, friendships, and cars “cruising the strip” were the pleasures of youth instead of electronics, malls, and the less-than-personal activities that may be found in the small town’s larger counterparts. Little league, sock hops, and county fairs punctuated his youth to contribute to his current affinity for channeling simple messages from familiar surroundings and the wisdom of “regular folks”.

Tony entered the field of hairdressing, following in his father’s footsteps, and his career provided exposure and travel expanding his ability to connect with people on a personal level. His skills and ability to communicate allowed him to become a sought after artist and speaker to where he has appeared in over 28 states, the Caribbean, and in Europe. His images and commentary became so prolific that in 2006 he became one of “the top 10 most published hairdressers in the world” working with the Global Hair & Fashion Group.

His passion then turned to television as his visibility placed him with a local NBC affiliate as the fashion reporter and key talent for a weekly segment called “Fresh Look Friday” for nearly six and a half years. This avenue not only allowed him to report on fashion, hair, makeup, and apparel, but also connected him with the compassionate side of his craft. He also developed a connection to the community aiding in different charitable events, health news, and breast cancer to name a few. He realized then his love was helping people, and spreading a message of connection and hope.

After years of beauty commentary, Tony has decided to take his “gift of gab” that enabled him to connect with the people in his chair and in his community, and place those words on paper. He wants to be able to share some of the life lessons he has learned from listening and being touched by people’s stories as well as his own. It is through these stories and reflections Tony feels we can all connect on some level to become stronger and wiser and awaken to the abundance of life’s lessons that are available to us all.

Tony currently is found regularly on Blogger (as Artisanofthehumanspirit)

Tony's Book: "Artisan of the Human Spirit ~ Awakening to Life's Lessons" can be found on his website as well as major retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.