Friday, January 29, 2010

I see you

     Yes I was one of the millions. I saw Avatar; twice, in glorious IMAX 3D! It was a stunning, and brilliant movie! Now I will spare mentioning much more on the movie itself here. Recently I have written a review for Movie Planet, and invite you to look there should the movie review be of interest to you. That is not where this bus is going today.

     This morning as I was sleepily trying to find something on TV to gently cradle my attention while I injected coffee into my system, my attention was briefly snagged by the beautiful blue creatures featured in Avatar. Why? I don’t know as it is now borderline overkill even with my applause for the film, and the definite fact that it will adorn my DVD shelf someday. What I think caught my focus was the ethereal and soothing sounds emanating from singer Leona Lewis as she sang, "I See You". It is a nice song, and I went to YouTube to find many available renditions of the video I saw this morning. By the end of this post, you may be so inspired to watch it. For those who have not seen the movie, this will have little relevance, so this is where the bus now leaves.

     In the movie, the planet Pandora is the setting for a group of sentient natives called the Na'Vi who are to say the least, very in-tune with their planet and one another. They have this indescribable connection with all things. Part of the movie is based upon this special connection as the beauty of their people is their deep and profound recognition of how one and all are spiritually and ecologically connected. It is a brilliant symbiotic relationship I envy.

     In recognizing and acknowledging this in one another, they use a salutation, an affirmation mind you--- "I See You!" Embrace this!

     This salutation emulates the premise of many of our earthly cultures and the wisdom many of us humans aspire to connect to. It parallels the meaning of Namaste': “The light (God, Source, Spirit, etc.) in me, recognizes the light (God, Source, Spirit, etc.) in you. “ (There is some flexibility to that definition.) Also as in the Mayan greeting of In Lak'ech ala K'in, meaning: “I am you, you are me.” We again see another parallel from yet another culture.

     What I believe the sages of Earth, the wisdom of the universe, and the Na’Vi are trying to express and admire is the intrinsic interconnectivity in all of us. What separates us--- poisons us, and eventually causes our demise. This mantra addresses the need for insight; an insight that assists us in foiling some of the six components of our personal degradation from the EGO.

I am what I have.

I am what I do.

I am what other people think of me.

I am separate from what I want.

I am separate from others.

I am separate from God.

     I think once we see the brilliance and beauty of how truly connected we are, a shift will occur. It has in me. Deep down our makeup, nature, and biological needs are the same. It is when we see others differently, or differently from us is when the venom starts to take effect. Often we are unaware of the toxicity coursing through us. We pass it on to our kids and our environment in a contagious effort to ostracize that which we fear or do not understand. We separate.

     I find that true seeing is least done with the eyes. It is the seeing I do in my core being that allows me to connect inward as well as outward. We can see with all of our senses. One of the many definitions of the word “sense” is “an appreciation or understanding.”

     What I find helps me when I feel confronted, misunderstood, different, disconnected, is I try to see things from a collective view. I am part of a greater whole. The circumstances that affect me were perhaps not aimed at me, but maybe my path put me temporarily in the way. If I see that I am a “cell in a collective body”,” a note in a song”, I will see my part with more depth and importance. We must connect for life to be strong. We must harmonize to create the symphony.

     I still work on my “blindness” to some things, but now I look for the light switch. I work on seeking the sometimes less-than-visible connections in one another rather than address how “different” others may appear and how wide that gap is. If it takes scantily clad blue humanoids to help you get the message, please do so. You won’t be disappointed in the visual presentation. We are so very connected and I see that.

     It is nice to see you all! Namaste’! In Lak’ech ala K’in! Thanks for hopping on the bus!

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Anonymous said...

I am that I am.

Love the new look and love this post.


Anonymous said...

Great post, very thoughtful

pebbleinthepond1111 said...

I am another you.

Thank You.

I See.

Dr. T.L. Sanderfer said...

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I have been both entertained and inspired by your blog. Keep on blogging, and please check out my Jan. 30st post for a list of other blogs I feel worthy of the title Best Blog. May God bless you!
Dr. T.L. Sanderfer

WWAHHMpreneur said...

I love to chime in on discussions about the importance of real community - developing real connections with real people who want to also do the same.

Thanks for using your blog to help create community.


Charlene said...

What a great post (and I also really loved this phrase from the movie.) Whenever I feel like I'm going through a dark time, I try to remember that darkness has no power of it's own. It is merely absence of light. WE have the power to turn the lights on and to SEE. Thanks for shining some light on the world Tony!

Tony Anders said...

Bless you all! Thanks for the support! I see you!

Beth Chapman said...

Tony the crafting of the human spirit melts, molds, paints and shaves the heart and soul. Thanks for sculpture.

TirzahLaughs said...

I like the new look. The red is attention getting.

I just can't watch Avatar. Not going to happen. Maybe some day when I'm snowed in and the remote is lost.

Maybe. So much of the new fast-motion film makes me ill to watch.