Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A new avenue - Movie Reviews!

     What I have found that leverages my passion in writing is being able to share my perspective. I have enjoyed writing for many years as a contributor for hair and beauty magazines (Celebrity Hair Styles 101 Hairstyles etc.), for marketing purposes, blogging, as well as authoring a book. I think what I enjoy most is the challenge of my attempt to invite many to sit at the same proverbial table, enjoy fellowship while consuming the material at hand, and then only after consumtion, to be able to discuss what they did or did not enjoy. It is the portal to the presentation of the material I enjoy as much as the material itself; sometimes more so.

     A dear friend of mine, BRYAN ERDY whom I met many moons ago when I was affiliated with NBC, is a reputable movie critic with the credentials to support his chosen career path. He has a wit and engaging demeanor about him that I think makes him choice for interviewing celebrities, presenting reviews, and to be an on-air television presence.

     Recently he has become a "fan" of my writing, and has been a true friend in supporting my new found passion. In showing his support, he has allowed me to contribute to his site which supports his local and national movie review duties. His site, Movie Planet (Yes, you can click it!) is viewable to people with FaceBook accounts and I now invite you to come visit and if you enjoy the page, please become a fan. I have since written a few reviews in my "flavor", and the first one you can now read is on Avatar called "Why Avatar Matters".

 I would love your comments. Should people request the reviews, at some point, I may be able to seek other avenues to present them in other places. I also recently did a post called "I See You" looking into the "spiritual" connotations of the movie.

     The site will have reviews, chats, banter, and a host of other "movie-related" tidbits as well as discussions where you may add your input. If you pop by, I once again thank you deeply for supporting this new venture for me as a writer, as well as to support other great people in an exciting new direction. Thank you all as always!


Ann Elle Altman said...

I will check it out, it sounds interesting.


TirzahLaughs said...

What fun! I'll check it out. I use to write DVD reviews for a website called 'DVD Divas' (reviews by women for women). It was interesting. I did the B (and D movies) that no one wanted to watch.

I think I'm the only person to sit through all the extras on Bubble Boy.


Anyway, I'll check it out.

Tony Anders said...

Tirz - LOL, you truly may be! ;)

Brent said...

Sounds like a cool project. I'll check it out.