Sunday, March 7, 2010

You say it's your birthday...

“What do you want for your birthday?”

“Heck I dunno.”

“You must want SOMEthing!” said with surprise.

“I really don’t know. More socks maybe? I’ll get back to you.”

I am reaching another milestone birthday in a few days;”milestone” in definition for the fact that with splendid blessings, I survived my twenties (and thirties). I always say “it is not age; it is the mileage that gets ya.” There have been a few turns of the tumblers on this odometer. So, praise the Lord, I am lucky enough and thankful to enjoy another upcoming birthday.

*Author's Note – I am not trolling for birthday wishes, or any acknowledgement of any kind. Actually, I am more of a fan of a modest approach to my birthday, but if I would have mentioned another “milestone next Tuesday”, this post would just seem weird.

I find at this point in my life, I really am truly content. When asked what type of gift I would like, I truly do not have any decent suggestions I can offer to my loving friends and family. I find it a blessing that I simply don’t want anything that I can think of. I don’t see World Peace appearing wrapped in a little bow, getting a set of six pack abs is pretty much up to me year round, the missing hair is out of my hands (maybe more hats), and I always feel weird anymore asking for toys or knick knacks. I guess I am a gift card guy anymore if I have to conjure a suggestion.

I like that it takes effort to think of “stuff” I want. Nice that I don’t have things pop right into mind. I do love to cook, read, write, computers, and I have my hobbies. I just find contentment that even to accessorize my diversions, I am pretty okay. Don’t get me wrong, a rousing lap through a Sky Mall catalogue is always fun, I mean an automatic pet waterer is a must have, but then I think, how long am I leaving the dog to allow their water supply to dry up? Ah, the heavy mysteries of airline retail.

As I take the inventory of the “things” I may want, I take a detour to the personal inventory. I ask myself, “How ya doin’ man?” I respond, “Ya know, I’m a’ight”. As I take a state of the union of that which is me, I realize as with our country, there are things that need addressed, challenges ahead, and also cause for celebration. As with our country, I see I may not be perfect, but I got stuff going for me. My popularity rating is still high enough for my family to not change the locks when I am gone. (Pardon me while I check the doors.)

I find nowadays my birthdays are a time of simple reflection. I do not curse the ticking of the clock as it ticks all year long, and it does not just give a long gong once a year in March for me personally. I will occasionally look back at what I was doing a year ago; maybe a few years ago as well. I smile as I journey back, as I do when I receive one of those cards that tell what was happening on your birthday years prior. Quick trivia –

On my birthday, the Monitor and Merrimac armored warships battled to a draw in 1862

Chess player Bobby Fischer was born.

Arnold Schwarzenegger won his first bodybuilding title.

A U.S. stamp was five cents.

The average cost of a new home - $16,150 (No, I wasn’t born in the forties!)

Yes, I got one of these cards...from my insurance agent, but he remembered nonetheless!

Anyhow, my wants are low, the books balance, and my inventory is square. All I asked for was a homemade dinner from my mother and to have my kids with me. (My wife works late and we will celebrate at a later time). It is warming to hear my mother reflect on stories of my youth. She lights the room and is always a gift to be around. She tells stories of when she was my age. I like that.

The years do fly and at time the moments creep. Having a birthday does not bother me. I mean, what is the alternative? I have other things to keep me occupied other than cursing the progression of time documented by an annual celebration of my life. It’s all good.

I am only as old as I feel, and I notice that changes daily. I am only as happy as I choose to be, and that keeps me occupied as well. The things and titles I have or have held are of little importance compared to the really important stuff. I am luckier than some, but still have room for improvement. I recognize my blessings and making it to another annual milestone is one of them. Thanks goes to my parents for bringing me here, and getting the ball rolling for the first couple decades. Thanks to my wife, kids, family and friends, for the second couple of decades. The stories were compelling. And, God willing, if I am granted a couple more decades, I am excited to see what lies ahead. For the time being, just in case you were wondering, you can’t go wrong with Barnes & Noble gift cards!

Tony Anders ~ Born March 9, 1965 - ?


Momma Fargo said...

Hooray for Birthdays! Happy Birthday! I just got you this cheap blog birthday wish!

Bossy Betty said...

Nice post! Happy milestone a little early!

BK said...

Happy Birthday in advance! May you be blessed with great health and happiness.

Timberwolf123 said...

Isn't it amazing how time moves by. The demarcation of certain events really remind us of how much time has passed (for me it's usually things with my my daughter getting married last year). If it wasn't for these events we'd hardly notice that 20 or 30 or 40 years have past!! Have a great day Tony & may this year bring all your dreams into reality.



Charlene said...

Great post - love your attitude and I agree 100% about birthdays being SOOOO much better than the alternative. I always say "Congratulations!" to people on their birthday... meaning, "Another year and you're still kickin' - AWESOME!"

I'll definitely remember, "it is not age; it is the mileage that gets ya" as well. LOL!!


Anonymous said...

Birthdays are the best! I make sure I make a big deal of birthdays in my family because I always wanted my daughters to celebrate their entrance into this world as much as I celebrated it. I use my birthday as a marker for year long goals rather than New Year's day, the planets are all lined up for me in my birth sign. When is it a better time to set goals? Celebrate your entrance into this world, it is truly a gift. I'm sending you a big birthday hug.


Liya Lolita said...

Have a great birthday!


Lesley-Anne Evans said...

Glad to find your blog in time to say Happy Birthday! The 60's were very good… landmark events, amazing people born into the world. 1962 is my personal fav.

Thanks for dropping by my blog with a 'fragrant' comment, and I hope to see you there again.


TirzahLaughs said...

I completely understand. The few things I want are too expensive for me to ask anyone to purchase for me. They are my long term reward items (Kindle anyone?) that I'll buy myself.

Last year, I asked for my friends to all go to a show with me instead of buying me a gift. What I didn't realize is that none of them would agree on a night. And some didn't like each other so wouldn't go if the other person was going so finally I went

This year I've just kept track of the everyday things I need but forget such as burnable CDRs, printer paper, a new dog bed, and if they must get something else--a book gift card. That's just simpler.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday! Wishing you the best, my friend.

MaxiVelasco said...

Weee!!! Belated happy birthday Tony! Yipee! Another milestone of life, love, laughter, success and achievements.

Just like you, whenever people ask me what I want for my birthday, it's too difficult to say something because I do have everything (and even more) that I want and need. Perhaps (oh really...) we are blessed.

So happy for you Tony!!! Hugs and more kisses!

Ron Cooper said...

The older I get, reflections seem to literally leap from my being. Happy birthday, the best is yet to come!

New Songs of Praise said...

Great post and awesome perspective. I enjoyed reading this. Keep up the good writing.