Saturday, March 13, 2010

I need a miracle.

I was just cruising through my morning reading. The usual fare: email, bank accounts, blog stuff, posts, as well as my social networking site among my tasks. Perhaps due to the rain today after a few days sun, the “weather” of the site was gloomier. It is amazing how a rainy day on a weekend, especially after a beautiful stretch of weather can dim the spiritual lights.

I saw a couple of mentions of the rain, some random personal thoughts, and then I came across the words "I need a miracle", and paused for reflection.

In challenging times, I too tilt my head back and find that I wish there was a cosmic ATM to where I could “swipe my card” for the desired amount of miracle that would fill the need, erase my pain, and place me back on top.

I find also in times past, most prayer and spiritual reconciliation would be done when I was stomped to the ground by a situation, and then I would extend a shaking hand to Heaven, awaiting elevation from the dust. I had a lot of the “I will worry about that when I get there" attitude. Why is it we want total self will, and then when times get tough, expect God to shake our proverbial “Etch-a-Sketch” to make things right?

I guess I was looking at the request of a miracle in and of itself. It is the “big order!” Now I understand in times of dire crises, I find searching for miracles appropriate to leverage hope, to distract away from certain negative outcomes such as severe illness or catastrophe. What I also find interesting is a desire for a miracle to wipe away many, many small things accumulating over time; many bad decisions, ill actions, deviant behaviors and thoughts culminating in a situation that is no longer wanted. Do we deserve the do-over, or is it time for a lesson learned?

I have learned that people do not change until it is too uncomfortable not to. I also know both good and bad experiences become part of who we are.

When I reflect back in my life, I look at some of the most horrific circumstances, I see that I am still here and a bit wiser from them. Scars or not, I see that by navigating through the hell I endured, I gained long lasting wisdom as well as I gained a realization I was tougher than I thought. I also realized I need a lot of work in certain areas. Indeed both can be valuable lessons. Priceless lessons.

So what I now observe is where we are is probably where we should be. In the discomfort we endure now, lies the hope and promise that the damage we perceive to be unfolding around us is actually a potential blessing of wisdom unfurling down the road. Sometimes it is difficult to see the whole picture where we stand as the picture is so big, we must levitate that much further above it to see it in its entirety.

Perhaps the miracles we request are best served in the form of being unanswered. Maybe our miracles are the lessons we learn by holding on to our faith in times that try to pry our fingers from it. Sometimes the best medicine tastes the worst.

I guess I selfishly would love someone, somewhere to make it all right at my request. Not with just me, but with everyone. Sadly, one man’s miracle could negate another’s lesson. I guess I will have to be patient to see what is delivered to me, in the form I need it, which is in my best interest for my greater good. I hope it doesn’t taste yucky. I need a miracle.


Momma Fargo said...

Great post!

Bossy Betty said...

Oh yes! If only we could serve up our own miracles. However, the universe has different ideas and is usually right about them!

Besides, then they wouldn't be miracles, would they?

Healing Morning said...

I guess I'm in a very small minority, in that I actually enjoy rainy days. They rarely affect my mood negatively. In fact, I've waxed rhapsodic about soft, gray days in my blog. I do recognize that a lot of people react to the lack of physical sunshine, and I also recognize that we all have moments such as you just described.

My tendency has always been to look at the difficult times and search for the beauty therein - it's always there. Sometimes it takes a while to focus, step apart from the gloom and look for it, but it is there.

That being said, I also think there's merit in allowing yourself to feel the gloom and attendant frustrations. That way, you can process through it, identify the reason for it and then kick its gloomy butt!

Wishing you a return of both physical and spiritual sunshine soon, my friend.

~ Dawn

Anonymous said...

Really great post, Tony.

When you find that ATM, let me know. I might need it for a few of the upcoming weekdays.

I really do enjoy rainy days though. I have this little lamp on my desk to make it cozy, and I turn up the heat in my office, and I just bunker down and get the job done!

But then again, I probably am weird in that.

Wishing you the best!

Timberwolf123 said...

Nice job Tony, I believe in miracles. I always have & although the big ones don't come often I certainly have seen my fair share in my life.

I'm one of the rare breed in that I enjoy change & I've always lead changes at various jobs I've had so I don't hold on till it's uncomfortable...although many do. I do believe that what you learn as you walk through life is the most important & change is a part of that learning.

Thanks for your thoughts,



Angelguided said...

I like rainy days too! I imagine the rain washing away all the 'stuck stuff' away and I feel like it is a cleansing process.

I relate also to how you feel and in these low times I cannot see any miracles even if they were doing cartwheels in front of me.

I have learnt to let these days come and patiently wait for them to go. When the fog disappears I can then see the miracle was always there, maybe not in a package I would have thought or liked.

The post I wrote today is relevant, 'God is in Charge!' Only when we accept that He knows what's what and we do not is when we can give out a sigh of relief, and let things BE! Great post :)

lena said...

Amazing post! Rainy days always make the one think, don't they?

I believe everyone can change, but like you mentioned it is just easier not to.

Many people expect things just to happen for them. Without pushing it hard, without trying and failing, without working for it, they want things get done. They want a miracle.

And then there are other people. WThose who work hard, those who strive for their goals, those who try and fail and then stand up and try again. They need a miracle too.

If I were a miracle it would not be a tough choice who to come to... But then again, I need one myself.

Mansi said...

I've heard a lot of people say they don't believe in miracles...even though they are walking, talking miracles! Life is a miracle and, yet, they fail to recognize it. Hope you're doing well...
Sending some sunshine along your way :-)

TirzahLaughs said...

Interesting post. My issue is not with the idea of a miracle but with the idea that those who don't get one feel unworthy.

Sometimes a quick death is a miracle. But people don't see it that way. Sometimes saving someone's life so they live in constant pain is a curse.

There are miracles or blessings everyday if you look for them. Sometimes they are the very things you wouldn't see as a one.