Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Brief Interlude...

One of the wisest people I know!

     Yesterday I spent some time with a good friend who is also a supporter of my writing. She knows that I love writing and would love to make something of it someday. (I just need to let the rest of the world know this.) She also mentioned how something I spoke of had really touched a loved one and I was thankful I could inspire a reaction in her and others.

     I once again reflected on this current passion of mine.

     I write to not appear as I have any great gift. I am no more fortunate than anyone else. I am not blessed with any monumental experience nor am I professing that I know something others do not. I definitely am not taking the time to write to proselytize or claim to be a prophet of any belief. I would not be so bold as to do so.

     As I spoke with my friend yesterday I likened my writing as if I were a friend invited into your neighborhood to take a walk with you. Have you ever done this? You are on a walk with a friend, in the same neighborhood, passing the same houses, fences and trees; your friend takes a break in the conversation to draw your attention to something along your commonly travelled path. “Wow”, they say. “That is some really nice landscaping.” Or perhaps, “I love how the trees bow to cover the street and give you great shade.” Maybe they utter, “You are sure blessed to live in such a great place to raise kids.” These exclamations are just some simple examples.

     What I hope to achieve is like the above mentioned stroll, and that is to accompany you on a “walk” of sorts and to share some observations; and maybe to perhaps remind you of what you already know. It is this different set of eyes to scan the normal path we venture upon, that brings to our attention the things we miss when looking in a different direction. Sometimes a different prompt of perspective is all we need for a quantum shift in appreciation for things we miss or dismiss as unimportant or even hold in contempt.

     My writing may be simple. It may even be of little topical importance to some. Yet as I was reminded of about an hour ago as I walked my son up to our favorite breakfast nook, he paused with an enthusiastic “Cool!”, as he watched a garbage truck assist a dumpster to empty its’ contents. The noise and clatter with the revving of the engine thrilling him more so by the second. What caught me was not so much the “thrill” of the event itself, as I must still admit that I probably would not find the beauty in the moment if I were alone. However I was reminded to look at life from a new angle from time to time, perhaps without judgment or attachment, and maybe, just maybe new appreciation will surface.

     In this brief walk along a frequently travelled path, I was reminded once again, of that which I already know. Not so much that I take time to stop and smell the dumpster, but to sometimes see life from the perspective of a child. Also adding to that, another perspective can often distract us from the mundane to draw our attention to the myriad of other observational possibilities. Today the conductor on my trip was a 5 year old boy. Thanks son!

     Even if this is the first and last “wall of text” of mine you may ever read, I pray you all are receptive to looking at the familiar with an unfamiliar perspective. I will also be around to share some of these “gifts in the shifts” I have been blessed with. Finally, never ever discount from where and who these messages may appear.

     I will always be up for a good stroll, and thanks for allowing me to walk with you!


McCaffery said...

Really nice, and is that your child in the photo? Nice also. And so nice is your blog's new fresh "look." Good thoughts as always...

Bruce Coltin said...

Thanks to this, I now may actually need to stop and smell the dumpster, or at the very least, listen to it being emptied. Cool. And thanks for the stroll.