Monday, September 7, 2009

The power to heal...

As a kid my friends and I used to talk with one another, vivid imaginations active, about what type of "super power" we would want to have. Of course super strength topped many a list, cool outfits, and emulation of our favorite comic book heroes also were discussed. Upon adolescence, X-ray vision of course was a pre-pubescent must, but for some reason I always defaulted to that of wishing I could "heal".

I always found the power of healing amazing from hearing stories of Jesus' amazing feats to those of fantasy lore in the charachters I would play in Dungeons and Dragons, Warcraft, and the like. I always found it not only noble, but necessary to be able to resurrect, restore, and to revive those in dire straights. I thought, "how cool would that be to be able to simply bring someone back from illness or pain?" I know how awful that certain conditions can be and yes, being able to bench press a dump truck may get the chicks, but to be able to eliminate pain and illness, now that's where the heroes are.

This became more real to me, and the reality of helplessness in this ability as through my life I have experienced infirmity and illness, as well as having had cancer take the lives of loved ones and many near misses along the way. Maybe it is my ego coupled with the difiiculty in surrendering to a Divine intervention or understanding when the medical miracles I request are not met in my time frame, but I always gravitate to those in pain or in need out of love I would say, but am always placing myself in a state to where I wish I was able to do more. I resort back to my childhood dream of being able to call on a lightning bolt from God to come down from heaven to "shock" away the illness and to solve the issues of those in need or those who suffer. I truly realize that "I" am totally out of the equation, and that "I" have nothing to do with the intervention or lack thereof, and my empathetic nature and hopeless romantic side allow me to follow the tractor beam back to these feelings. Yes, I still wish I could help, and I do know that it is in God's hands, and my human and egoic dream would be that His hands were mine, if only for a moment to where I could "Zap" away everyone's pain.

I spent the morning today arising at 5:00 am to meet with a dear friend who suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy and yet is blessed to be an on-air spokesperson for the local Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon. Amy is witty, spiritual, beautiful, and is a true role model for anyone who ever tries to let their circumstances get the best of them. If you give her lemons, she not only makes lemonade, but makes it for everyone, and would make sandwiches, turn on the music, and set the table with fresh flowers if you get where I am coming from. She makes the most of every day to where I, and many others could be considered so lucky.

In watching her prepare for her day today, she appeared in all her glory as this, as she puts it, is like her "summer camp". Since she is considered "too old" to be a "Jerry's kid", she is a "Jerry's adult" and helps rally the troops at the telethon, and does what it takes to be the best cheerleader for the kids. She is heaven on wheels, and her robust zest for life is enchanting. All this being said is I find myself wishing back to when I did as a kid that I could magically call upon a mystical ability to wipe away her disability. As I watch her valiantly struggle with the tasks that healthy hands engage in daily, putting on shoes, taking a sip of coffee, applying makeup, I find that I get, I don't want to call it angry, but what it is I am not sure, but I wish that I did not feel this way toward the hand she has been dealt as she deals with her tasks without much agitation all things considered; I also find I struggle with this apparently more than she. Even without the use of her legs, she stands taller than I.

Upon completion of her hair makeover I do for her in her hotel room every year to get her ready for the annual TV appearance, she always gives me a genuine hug, and she radiates gratitude for the skill I love to generously share with her. In the salon, her hair services only cost her brownies, in the hotel for the telethon every year, only a hug. We are "square" on all accounts.

When I returned home, I quickly turned on the TV to see Amy on TV in her royal purple dress with her jeweled accents glistening, and her hair a golden blonde curled as if she were rolling down the red carpet. I think that that would pale in comparison to her as not only is she able to be on TV in all her engaging glory, but she is doing what she loves most and is bringing a raised conciousness to those in need. She always places others far before her in line when it comes to needing the healing hand. She works a twelve hour shift, in a tight dress, confined to a chair, under hot lights, suffering from effects of diabetes, and does it with a never ending smile. She will not stop if at all possible until she feels her message is heard, and the kids are recognized. She has the power to heal...

Before writing this I looked up the definition of "Heal" to see what it said. I expected to "cure" and "to remove illness" and the like, but what I found interesting is the component that I noticed I can actively and immediately participate in, right now. The definition mentioned, " to restore a person, and to make someone right". I realized that what Amy often wanted from me was indeed "healing", but my kind of healing in her eyes. My simple and "taken for granted gift" of being able to restore her beauty and to make her feel better and to like what she saw in the mirror was how I was able to "heal" her. I have often seen her elevate to a state of unparalled happiness after being pampered. Her light and energy then is restored to where she is charged enough to share that light with others. By being able to give of ourselves unselfishly, we can heal to the greatest capacity we as mortals can possibly offer. In my studies of other healing arts, I realize with the intention and motivation of love in that we do for the wellness of others is truly "healing". In "healing" others, we can then indirectly connect to those they touch and create a contagious avalanche of healing that extends far beyond our reach. I find now that to "heal" is to "restore" others and to let the "miracles" come from God. I have my role, and to feel sorry for myself, even on the behalf of others drains the energy I have to give in the benefit of others. I realized today that I can truly heal, as well as am grateful to have spent time in the presence of another healer as well. Our gifts are personal and individualized, but join synergistically to help all those we encounter.

I see now that I, as well as others, have the power to heal. I may not be able to remove leprosy, but my gifts are unique and are divinely inspired. I also see that most everyone has a special ability to heal if they choose to share it. To be aware of this ability I feel we must not seek that "power" we wish we had, but be in tune to that which we see that others may need. I must finally realize too that healing in and of itself may not come in the form of of removing one's infirmity entirely, but that we can offer a breif reprieve to where they can feel whole and human even if only temporarily. This "power" may appear in our connection and presence with another, kind words or a warm gesture, and for me, sometimes healing can materialize in a simple can of hairspray.


pebbleinthepond1111 said...

I had a tablecloth around my neck and a fly-swatter/saber in hand yesterday, too. Amy was not the "Damsel in distress", though, was she? She was a soldier in a war she has known all too well for too long. She was the most gorgeous soldier I've ever seen. Due in part to your artistry, of course, but in a greater part to her gigantic life force! Amy facilitates my own emotional healing with her positivity and her plea for us to stop missing the good stuff over a bad hair day and LIVE!! She really is the super-hero here. I can't help daydreaming about a miracle, though. I think Amy would prefer we focus our wishes and prayers on a cure so that no one else has to fall to M.D. I'll bet she would somehow feel guilty about a complete healing when so many people she loves would still be suffering. Here is what I have decided to do...The small fitness center I run is the perfect way to give on a regular basis. It won't be a huge amount but 100% of the proceeds from the fitness center can go to M.D.A. research. I won't be losing much money and I'll be gaining much joy at feeling like I am not just sitting back shaking my head at what a shame it is. The Massage practice is where the income is but I can dedicate the fitness center to Amy and her cause. Maybe promoting where the money goes will make people want to participate. For Amy... And Mattie Stepanek...and Darain Loomis...and, and, and...I just need to figure out the legal T's to cross. Any advice?

The Regular Guy said...

Bravo- I think it would perhaps best be handled to wait to see what you have at the time of donating. Then I would say to ask your accountant if you need to set up a separate entity, but I think you may be able to simply do it as a business donation. Since I would be in uncharted waters to give advice, I would best say to ask someone who may be qualified, but until the money is either stowed or given, you have some time to handle that. Bless you on your healing abilities as well! Namaste!

arhflyaway said...

Way to speak it brother! You are a healer, we all do have our gift Our own healing power, it is a matter of being able to know and live it. I am starting to feel mine. I am so very blessed and I cannot help but gush about the joy I feel everyday. Restore.....