Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2012 - Catastrophe or Comedy?

     I guess I had to see for myself how the world was going to end…this time…again. I admit I have followed in the past with a innocent curiosity of what the soothsayers, prophets, and scientists have provided as definitive and final evidence that “this time”, forget about the others, but yes this time, the world as we know it was going to conclude; and now we have a date. December 21, 2012. Bummer, as it is my mother’s birthday and we have a standing annual dinner planned at a fine restaurant.

     I, like many people from around the globe had decided to dole out a few of my hard earned dollars to sit in anticipated awe at Roland Emmerich’s new movie – 2012. I didn’t make the very first showing, but I was planted by 1:00pm for a little Friday afternoon fun, and perhaps would get a little education on the subject Hollywood-style! I will say that I had fun, although the buttery “heart attack-in-a-bag” and sugary soda cost me as much as the show. I enjoy movie-going solo often as I am not interrupted with potty-breaks from my kids or the random, “is she gonna die?” questions from my young and lovely. This too being a movie of somewhat controversial subject matter, I felt if it is worth confessing I went, I would, and if it was a tragic embarrassment, I could hold firm in denial.

     The movie itself will live up to expectations if your expectations are this; you want to see stuff crumble, burn, and drown, people die in the cataclysm, lots and lots of fabulous large scale CGI effects, and to see what happens when some of the worst stuff you could see on the History and Discovery channel converge with a vengeance in biblical proportion with Earth as its’ target. Here’s where it may not live up to your expectations. *SEMI-SPOILER* There is nothing “Mayan-y”, spiritual in nature (other than a brief appearance by a couple of Buddhist monks in brief dialogue), and as I heard exclaimed in the men’s room afterward by a disgruntled patron, “not enough death”. I guess that was in response to the fact that *another SEMI SPOILER*, some people lived. How they survived I will let you spend the time and dime to experience for yourself. Fun? Yes! Deep? No. Worth it? If not at the movie, definitely on DVD. Again, refer to the above expectation criteria.

     The reason for this post is not a movie review, but the actual topic and movie itself has started a bunch of chats and dialogues that I have participated in and some excerpts I will now share here. The discussion on many lips is to whether or not we will indeed see the end of man and or civilization as we know it. I have heard from many camps, posts and articles ranging from those of Nostradamus, scientists, spiritual sages, Mayan scholars, and there seems to be many different viewpoints and many of passionate debate. There seems to be three main arenas that most seem to fall into, something horrible and final will happen, something wonderful and spiritual will happen, and that nothing will happen.

     I think first to address that I personally feel “something will happen”, and let me explain. What I see is evident and tangible now is the fact that awareness has been raised through discussion, print and media. With that comes a consciousness and thought is given to the subject regardless of a chosen standpoint. What we focus on attaches energy to it and on some level of our psyche it becomes a “real” subject. No matter what you subscribe to, it is now a “real” subject of discussion to where people are acting on it by choosing to prepare, research, negate, debate, or ignore. As with other “non-event” and “non-threats” such as Y2K, there was still much preparation, print and dedication to the subject, fear, panic, opposition, and research to handle a response “should” it actually come into fruition. So this activity level is definite proof of “something” happening on a human consciousness level.

     The evidence that television, Hollywood, authors, speakers, religious leaders, spiritual representatives are even dignifying it at all with thought and attention changes our consciousness collectively and makes it “real” at the very least on the level of our contemplative thoughts. The “what ifs”, questions and discussions will surely gain momentum as we propel in time towards the date in question.

     As I have answered before, do I personally believe that a cosmic cataclysm will wipe out humanity and our planet? Am I storing water in milk jugs in my basement? Am I buying ammo and gold coins? Am I looking to relocate early to either the highest places on the planet or as deep underground as I can get? No. At least not yet… The evidence at hand allows me to choose either fear or hope and for now I choose the latter. (Unless I see the sun grow larger or the Earth starts to tremble.)

     I do think this subject poses a unique prompt for religious and spiritual reflection. This contemplation over ones’ belief systems can cause a shift in global thinking. Are we close enough or distanced from what we currently do or should believe in? What do we believe in? Look at what the economic upheaval did for people's reflection on what is important, how we live our lives, what is excess, how we spend our time. Perhaps this may cause people to reflect on what they believe in on either a scientific or spiritual realm. Sometimes after the dust has collected on us after periods of sentient and spiritual inactivity, it is good to shed the outer layer, take a good hard look at it, shake it vigorously and tidy up a bit. Sadly it takes a major event for this cleaning to occur. (Also see Tsunami, 9/11, etc.)

     Even if all we do is reflect for a moment on what we believe, where we are going, and what we do with the precious time we have in its unknown quantity, it may be a good thing. Maybe 2012 is simply a shift in our perceptions and consciousness patterns. Maybe to others it will be a moment to stand firmer that they find it all "bunk". Like the rapture, Hale-Bop comets, Y2K, Armageddon, and the like, we will have to “wait and see”, and satisfy ourselves in the meantime with our convictions that currently bring us peace. However we cannot claim that it is a non-issue for the sole fact that we are here discussing it now. If it causes us to reflect on our spiritual values or self justification for a lack thereof, this inventory cannot be totally in vain.

     Perhaps it will be an amazing cosmic show; maybe a period of extended inconvenience and a confrontation with our fragile human nature. Maybe our lights won't even flicker. Who knows? I just hope that from a catastrophe standpoint, the 22nd of December 2012, goes by the way of the possible Y2K, near miss asteroids and whatnot where the day after we all collectively either wipe our brow and say "whew, I am glad that didn't happen", or if there is still anyone around, “see, told ya so!"

     Mom, for now, we still have a date!


Charlene said...

Y2K might be a good analogy... although there was actually more scientific evidence for Y2K vs. the 2012 hype. But ya know, we humans sure do like drama! NASA has some good articles on their site such as this one: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html

Anonymous said...

Whta i don't get is how all those bible scholars can say that the world will end. In the bible when That quedtion was asked, it was said that no one will know when the world is about to end.