Tuesday, November 23, 2010

“Merry 4th of Eastaborial Thanksbirthmastines Day!”

I love holidays. Now I do anyhow. As we approach the annual celebration of Thanksgiving, I enjoy not only seeing the preparation for the upcoming fellowship and communion of those I cherish, but also sit with Ibuprophen coursing through my veins from the stiffness acquired from putting up my Christmas lights yesterday. (Yes I did! I mean, heck it was a nice day yester..., never mind.)

I find myself inspired here as I was browsing my favorite social networking site where I get a lot of ideas for this and many writings, and I ran across a post of a friend expressing their extreme dislike (button needed) for “government declared holidays” and that it causes extreme gastrointestinal distress to them to simply paraphrase.
Now to note up front - I really like this person, they are very kind, warm, spiritual, and full of love. This being known, I do indeed understand their context and mindset stimulating their statement. I stand here not in judgment, but observation.
("They" being used for annonymity.)

I thought to myself, “Who couldn’t enjoy holidays?” I also thought, “Aren’t most holidays started, stimulated, created, or supported by some governing body?” Maybe.

I do understand the stress that they can cause. There are those without family to surround themselves with. There are those without finances to provide the festive atmosphere we associate with the chosen celebration.

Perhaps cultural diversity and differences can cause one to feel separate or left out. I know of others who have lost loved ones around the time and the thought of being happy when they are missing their beloved is difficult at best.

I empathize with my friend as I know in the past; I too have expressed my disgust at “Hallmark Holidays.” You know the ones that seem to crop up simply to stimulate the necessity for a card or purchased gesture or gift? “Happy 2nd cousins’ twice removed on your sisters’ side day!”

I then thought further...

I really do not care now what the government has to do with the instigation of anything I celebrate when it involves surrounding myself with my loved ones. However, I humbly recognize and acknowledge major components of the celebration itself like: the birth of a savior, a major religious happening, freedom achieved, war ceased, enlightenment or recognition, or an end to persecution. I guess I simply like being surrounded by my friends and family for no particular reason, and to have the government close a few businesses to allow a few friends to make it to the table, I guess I am thankful for that.

All that aside, I have always been amazed that it takes a “holiday” for the masses to take time for reflection, charity, brotherhood, and giving. Also to become inspired to serve the community, give to strangers, feed the hungry, and to take a personal inventory of what they are thankful for. If this is truly “in us” and not simple “posturing” to fit in to the molded and temporary mindset of a seasonal celebration, where is it on the dates not punctuated on our calendars? Hmmm...

I do believe it is in us. I think we simply need a collective consciousness of a seasonal celebration from time to time to tap us on the shoulder to remind us to remember the important stuff–the stuff that makes life worth living.

I propose a holiday like “Merry 4th of Eastaborial Thanksbirthmastines Day!” It has all the components of the things we like to celebrate as a holiday, but also as human beings.

It has the elements of many of the widely celebrated holidays* to where we hit all the high points: religion and freedom thereof, independence, thankfulness, love, celebrating those who work for our common good, and those who fought for our rights. There could be fireworks, cards with hearts, lots of food, spirituality, and also birthday hats! Yes, it would be an undertaking, and that is the beauty of it!

Since there would be no way we could possibly fit all this in to one day, and since it would involve all of those surrounding us, I am sure it would spill into the days coming. Perhaps never ending...

We could have an ongoing reminder to love, celebrate the lives of one another, revel in our freedoms and independence and thank those who made it possible. We could share our faith with one another and also love and respect those with views other than our own. We could remember to be thankful for every gift we have and reflect on the source of our abundance, no matter the quantity!

I guess I simply wish we could retain these principles on the other hundreds of days in the year!

“Happy August 17th! Here is a card!”

“Thanks man! Crap, I didn’t get you anything.”

“You don’t need to.”


I do love the holidays. Yes my lights are up and I do intend to enjoy the fellowship of my loved ones at a table exquisitely prepared by the lovely ladies in my life. I am blessed!

In aligning with my friends’ sentiment that I do not like or need any government to dictate what I do when, and what I celebrate, and show thankfulness for, I get that. I am however, glad that some in and out of my family get a little respite from their normal routine. Sometimes it takes that to slow us down to wave what we should be thankful for in front of us if only for a day.

I hope your gravy is lump-free, your reflections meaningful, and fellowship warming. May your good will bleed into the days beyond the stated date of celebration. I wish you all Merry 4th of Eastaborial Thanksbirthmastines Day!

(*My statement of “widely celebrated holidays” does indeed recognize Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, etc, and many other holidays celebrated by all cultures. I simply got tired of re-editing the stupid title to make a point. The exclusions were neither intentional nor insensitive, and please feel free to add delete or disregard the title or this post entirely. Happy Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and any other holiday (or none) you enjoy!)

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Charlene said...

This is great - thanks! And Happy 4th of Eastaborial Thanksbirthmastines Day to you too!

MsRefusenik said...

I agree and think we are overdue for new human being mindful consciousness raised evolved spiritual holidays. I don't care for a crass holiday that is preceded by a day called like today "Black Friday." It is truly Black when consumerism takes a wonderful holiday and celebrates it by buying more crap. Needless crap. Crap that owns you, you don't own it. Then it becomes clutter and another 500 articles on decluttering are released for publication every ten minutes.

Just one request, could Eastaborial Thanksbirthmastines Day celebrate by people sending homemade fairy postcards to random people in the world to remind us of unity, connectedness, oneness and the dear little people themselves? I am sad today because I was reading a book called Life Makeovers that said I could be part of such a happy fairy postcard passing group. But the book was copyrighted in 2000. When I tried to join it said no more new members. That isn't unity or connectedness! I wanted those homemade fairy postcards. So could we please specify that for those who like the idea. With real gossamer wings and real silk dresses. Everyone can pick that stuff up cheap in thrift stores.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


ladaisi said...

Great post! Came across it via SeededBuzz and had to say I enjoy your writing very much. Excellent thoughts on holidays - plus humorous!

- Lauren

Shannon-Granny Apple-International-Treasurers said...

WOW,great stuff and your bolg has a nice layout and flow,love the sig.we are now connected through netblogs.



Tony Anders said...

Shannon - welcome and thanks for the kind words - I will have to pop by your blog as well! Hope to see you back!