Monday, July 19, 2010


Utopia: n. An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.

I wonder if there is such a place.

Now I assume by this point the idea of “Heaven” has already entered someone’s mind. We could start the debate with going from a Biblical definition of “pearly gates and streets paved with gold”, to the nebulous interpretation of “spiritual elevation and enlightenment in this lifetime.” Since both lend themselves to passionate rhetoric, I will save that observation for another time as the topic in-and-of-itself leverages where I am going.

I guess when I ponder this place “Utopia,” this “perfect place” of moral, social, political, and aesthetic correctness; I wonder initially how it could exist.

Since it would have to have pleasing, inviting, and unimposing qualities, I wonder “whose” social and architectural plan we would use. Collectively, this “dream place” would be difficult to create as it would require people to agree in a broad and accepting manner as to what is for the greater good of all. One message, universal acceptance and love, acknowledgement of people’s uniqueness, forgiveness, and compassion would need to dominate the recipe. It has been tried in religious institutions, societies, and cultures, and sooner or later the ideals challenge a few to eventually decide to dissect and create their own interpretation. The old model no longer works for some. Thusly, this diminishes and dilutes the initial ideal. Can we agree? Can we agree to disagree?

Are we running “to” something or running “from” something? Why are we running anyhow? Is what we have entirely broken? Is it beyond repair?

Two incidents caused me to reflect upon today’s topic and one was from a friend stating that a community that would be isolated, surrounded by nature with like-minded people may be an answer to avoiding the evil societal menace; a commune of sorts.

The difficulty lies in the fact that over time, inclusion of many like-minded people will disturb the balance of the nature sought to become the backdrop for said reflection and enjoyment. (Google humanities impact on any place it settles – overall not a great track record.) Disallowing people to join would then perhaps become the exclusionary prototype which prompted the exodus in the first place. Sooner or later by default a “society” would be created. Who will stay, and who will be left behind when the decision is made at a later point that this Utopia has become tainted?

The second was an online posting of a song I have grown to love over time. It is “Somewhere over the rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. (I will post the link below as it should be viewed and shared.)

It is a brilliant, lofty version of the tune made famous by Judy Garland in the Wizard of OZ. The song also ponders this storybook version of a beautiful space coveted by mankind. I agree I would love to often propel on the wings of an angel and find myself in the land of bluebirds and gum drops. I can close my eyes and sometimes come real close. Maybe that is how we are supposed to find these spaces. Maybe they are in us and not “way out there” or over the elusive rainbow.

Utopia for me is a shift in perception.

Although the thought of “perfection” is a difficult pill to swallow if the subject matter is mankind, I do realize that my perception becomes the filter in which I view my surroundings; things can indeed become “better.”

Perhaps this “Utopia” will become available. Maybe it will be revealed to me and others in this lifetime. Maybe the big reveal will require me to leave this physical plane. I know that I have found it from time to time in a spot down by the river. At times it is with a group of my friends. Sometimes I have also found it in my own backyard. You all are welcome anytime.

Somewhere over the rainbow by IZ

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Healing Morning said...

First, I LOVE that version of Over the Rainbow by Iz! It's so peaceful and lovely that it always makes me sigh in appreciation when I listen to it.

Second, I have always, always held the opinion that a Utopian society isn't realistic or workable. Human nature is always going to have an effect on such a concept, and cause exclusionary terms to be applied. As you questionned in your post, by whose criteria? By whose rules? Someone has to set order and rules, and someone is always going to disagree. Those excluded would certainly cast negativity on such a society. Human nature, again, is driven by ego and unless said group of people suddenly and simultaneously all morphed into Ascended Master awareness, I don't see how it could work. One-upping and some sort of superior complex would worm its way into this society at some point.

I'd like to believe it could happen...someday. I just don't believe we're anywhere close to that point in our evolution yet. As always, I enjoyed the article and the thoughts it provoked! I don't get here as often as I'd like to comment, but I do read every post.


Timberwolf123 said...

Tony, I believe you hit the nail on the head. Utopia is within everyone of us. The discovery of the ideal place is possible for all of us if we, as you say, change our perception. A small shift in how we look at things changes our life completely.

Thanks as always my friend.



Sherry Blue Sky said...

A very thoughtful and thought-provoking topic and I LOVE and agree with your take that it is a "shift in perception".......may the entire planet of human beings shift in time !!!!!!

Thank you for letting me know about the networked blogs - very helpful info. Keep writing!