Monday, September 13, 2010

Decide to make a decision

Nothing great has ever been achieved without first making a decision to do so. A decision becomes a personal and intimate contract with ourselves to accept nothing less than the obtaining of our goal.

Decisions are simply a desire set in motion.

I used to be guilty of thinking that a decision could not be made until I had all pieces of the puzzle. I need to have the before, the middle, and the ending in full mental grasp before embarking on achieving its completion. Often some of the greatest journeys, some of the boldest adventures occur and unfold as we are standing upon the bow with our arms held high and wind blowing in our hair knowing not where we are headed. It is the thrill of the unknown that validates the trip. We must first make the decision to get on the ship.

Inversely, at times we may have too much information. We may find that we already have a notion of how the adventure is going to unfold. We allow fear to bond us into inactivity. Our decision making ability clouded by assumptions based solely upon the outcomes of past circumstances. Our greatest educator? Experience. At times our greatest adversary? Experience.

Our lives change the moment we make a decision. We make a commitment to alter our course, adjust our sails, and embark on a new direction. Decisions are also activation of progress. Progress can be observed in the thrust of a tsunami as well as the movement of a glacier. Both are undeniably powerful, both can have enormous ability to move any obstacle, the only difference is at the speed at which they travel, however once in motion, they will both achieve noticeable forward progression.

As long as we remember there are no failures in life, there are only results; our decisions will not be stifled by our projections of fear or unattained outcomes. We can make the decision to get up, get going, and make life happen for us. Whether it is a diet, gaining a new relationship, shedding a less-than-healthy one, a new job, or seeking a new life path, it all starts with making that initial decision to do so. We must come to the conclusion that the status quo has run its course and it is time to venture onward. For whatever reason, we had to stop in a “port of call”, refuel, rest, and renew our navigational points, but rest does not mean retire from life. It does not mean give up. It simply means “enough of that, now onto something fresh.”

Sometimes we must also make a decision to realize that we need to surrender. Surrender not so much as throwing up your arms in defeat and being marched off by the enemy, but to let someone else drive who knows the way home. Sometimes our decisions are to incorporate the power and wisdom of others. Maybe it is to come to the realization that our past decisions were not working and must be retooled.

Finally we must also remember that it is our decisions and not our conditions that determine our destiny. Some of the greatest achievements were made by people without the potential of you and I. They did not have the seeds of finance, strength, power, status, physical ability, or courage. They simply made a decision to manifest what up until then lay dormant in their heart.

As Helen Keller had said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

So my friends, what do you wish to change? What is scarce in your life that you wish to manifest? Where is the glory in dreaming without making the decision to reach out and grasp for that which is rightfully yours?

Decisions are the keys to open the gate to a new life.

Make a decision!

Now take the first step of acting upon it!


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Wow. What a powerful and beautifully written post! I love this! I need to believe in my decisions more fiercely once I've made them - to stay strong and active all the way. :-)

Stefanie said...

Something I've been guilty of is -- sure, I can MAKE the decision, but then it's following through and ACTING on it, making it happen. I catch myself feeling down that I'm not reaching a certain goal or dream--and then I remember that it's not going to just land in my lap. I have to work for it. Then I have to make the decision to make my previously made decision happen! Eek, at that point, deciding what to have for dinner is too much. :-)