Sunday, April 4, 2010

What if God had more kids?

On this Christian day of celebration I am prompted to reflect on this very poignant event. This day of resurrection, this day of hope, this day of miracles resonates within us to revel in the security that a savior has overcome the obstacles of man, and will indeed shepherd us into salvation.

But for me, Mr. Blogger Man; I have too much time on my hands, and find myself often pondering things. Some things I ponder are worthwhile, some not so much.


Did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons?

Is God so powerful that he can create a rock so big that He Himself cannot lift it?

If you are driving down the road at night at the speed of light, and you turn on your headlights; will they do anything?

If you are traveling in a time machine way into the future, and you roll down your window and put your arm outside; will it turn into a fossil?

The youth ministers thought I was weird in my early days.

I guess I wonder in all of God’s magnanimous power why he never had more kids.

Now I do indeed note: If people chastised, ridiculed, then crucified my only son, I too would be leery of a second. However, for the sake of this blog, we will move onto the hypothetical.

God also forgives. (Again, let’s not quote scripture here, and I move onward.)

What would it be like if there were generations of God’s children walking among us; these generations a perpetual presence, keeping watch and leading us? I know again, intercepting the argument from those who are already processing rebuttal from the standpoint of, “We are ALL God’s children.” I am speaking of the people who could trace their roots to Jesus*—the indisputable.

(*Please feel free to insert your figure of choice here to represent the point of your chosen religion. Today is Easter – it is Jesus’ show today.)

I wonder, would the biblical miracles dictated in the Bible would be as prolific today? Lord knows we could use a few down here. Healing, heroics, and divine intervention of epic scale to get the attention of the nay-sayers, the ne’er-do-wells, and the evil doers could use a good shot of biblical justice. The Red Sea partings, Jericho walls, curing of leprosy, burning bushes placed in the context of today; man would I love to see that.

But what if the savior, or saviors were never absent from this world. What if they were always present to where the threat of their return would go beyond the weight of “Wait until your savior gets home, you’re gonna be in trouble then” to some. To see the face of people knowing they are being called to the office of God’s son to answer NOW for their indiscretions. Would we have the Tiger Woods’, the Jerry Springers’, the John Gottis’, the Bernie Maidoffs’, and the Jeffrey Dahmers’? I wonder would they be afraid of the repercussions. Maybe, and maybe not.

More so, I wonder if the world would have unraveled the way it has getting us to where we are? Would their ongoing presence have kept us on the straight and narrow as if we always lived under the same roof as our parents, the police, and our pastor?

Would people stop killing in God’s name? Would the children of God simply come out and say “Stop it! That does not please us, nor do we feel you have the right to persecute in our name! Go home until I tell you that you can come out! We can truly all get along!"
Maybe the conflict between the literal and translated versions of religious text would no longer be an issue. You could simply check in with the family. "Jesus, can you explain what you meant when you spoke of faith without seeing? Sure my son, pull up a chair!"

Rapture? Just wondering there.

We hear: “What would Jesus do?” If there was any question, you could ask him. Do you think he would hate or kill others with opposing beliefs? Where would He stand on some of the issues we discriminate and kill over in his name saying he would not approve? Again, we could go to the source. That would be cool.

I wonder what I would do if God’s other kids were available to us now. I would love to meet them and ask them a few of these questions. I would definitely want a hug. Would I weep at their feet? Maybe. Heaven knows I would like to see how they would handle the situations plaguing us today. Would there be as much smiting as the Bible indicates? How would they handle us in our current state? Would they be disappointed or understanding?

I wonder this not in sacrilege. I wonder this not to be contrary nor question what is written. I wonder this as a regular guy with questions; and perhaps way too much time on his hands. Maybe too, I wish that there was a simple reconciliation that we just had a valid, credible, bloodline representative that could set us straight for a moment; again, right from the source. Lord knows there are a lot of us who could use a “time out.” It would also be nice that there was someone who could emerge like our “big brother” on the playground of our youth to help us. To say when they arrive: “Awwww, man you are gonna get it now” to our foes. But again if we are talking of God’s children there would be more of a lesson served than a whuppin’. At least I hope so.

To reiterate, I do not challenge what is. I don’t challenge God’s choice. I just wonder why God never placed more of his direct decedents among us to keep us from tearing up the joint. Somewhere between a Robocop and Savior is what it may take now. I just wonder if Jesus had brothers and sisters that were omnipresent: would the world be a different place? Also, if Adam and Eve had bellybuttons, I would like to know that too.

Happy Easter everyone! He is risen...


Mansi said...

You make me smile, Tony, with your innocent questions, your relevant questions, your worthy-of-attention questions. They make me pause in wonderment with you. Thank you for this honest post. Guess what's the first "suggestion" that comes up when you start typing "Did Adam and Eve have..." in Google :-)

Momma Fargo said...

Nothing but smiles and happiness in this post. It was awesome! Thank you. Hope you had a Happy Easter.

I'm with can google those answers today. LOL.

Phil Duncalfe said...

Hi Tony, I'm new to this blog and this post made me smile. Some good questions and yes, another Son/Daughter of God right now would make things a whole lot more clearer. Unfortunately for us Christians though we have to be the ones that show Jesus - but as we are human we often fail.

Sorry for the serious comment on a humourous post :).


Duane Scott said...

I just wanted to stop in and say that I am now following your blog again. I used to be, but due to some privacy issues, had to go incognito. I look forward to reading your post again, and hope you follow me back to my new site. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi,very first time here. also, i'm a muslim. i think it's OK to share some views, right?
well, as for me (a muslim) i believe that God hve no children,, yet, HE is very, the most almighty- as HE created all of us, the sky, earth and more,,,
but, HE did send 'the choosen one'-prophets; eg: Noah, Isa (Jesus), Moses,and the beloved prophet Muhammad, guide us.
they were assigned a special mission by God to guide the whole group/ a group of mankind depending on the mission assigned to each.
well, i hve nothing to say my english are not too fluent,,**quite hard. but, if u have anything to share with..any questions/views...,,you may visit some islamic webs,,,and burst out those questions as well.we'll try our best to answer it.thanks,,